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RF Transmission

Backpack-Portable Private LTE System

SAS has developed a portable LTE System small enough to fit into a backpack. The system includes a base station (eNB), EPC and PBX to instantly provide an independent communications network. Backhaul can be provided via any IP-based connectivity. The backpack-based LTE system is easy to set up and can be deployed very quickly without any extra components. It can also be mounted on a vehicle, or in a fixed rack mounted location meeting small, medium, and large applications

A stealth backpack containing hi-tech equipment used to send and receive audio and video signals from remote locations providing service where there hadn't been previously.

Cost - Effective High Capacity RAy3 Link License Free 24GHz Band Installed In High Numbers

HF License-Free Link continues to be installed in high numbers due to high performance. The 24GHz RAy3 link  is able to provide Carrier Grade 1,000 Mbps (full-duplex, Continues Frequency Division Duplex (FDD)) capacity operating with advanced 4096 QAM modulation.  

A radio dish antenna mounted on a pole on top of a building with a panoramic view outdoors.

CBRS-Based Private LTE Deployed In School District

CBRS-Based private LTE solution selected for installation in large school district in Eastern US with SAS. The system provides students with basic IP connectivity with a wire line-like user experience and it allows Layer 2 VPN or Carrier Ethernet services in the needed school area. The system’s modular approach allows for gradual deployment to maximize bandwidth availability over specific areas of high concentration of users. 

 A private LTE radio tower with telecommunication equipment installed.

Additional Information

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