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Custom Solutions

  • SAS will develop solutions around your needs

  • We customize in-house solutions that operate, and integrate into existing infrastructures

  • We listen and work with our customers to come up with specific solutions for every need

Our Solution Offerings Are Utilized For:

How we can help


  • Government Agencies and Organizations that operate building facilities in remote or large sprawling geographical areas have a propensity to experience challenges with their network infrastructure and cell connectivity.

  • Improving these communications coupled with maintaining a security posture is a priority for most agencies

  • The objective is to retain signal strength that can provide a clear and secure connection to your network devices, ensuring that you can seamlessly achieve your daily communications and agency mission

  • Superior Access Solutions addresses these concerns by working with Organizations to design and implement seamless LTE solutions

  • Part of our proficiency is to take into consideration varying factors that often get overlooked

  • From having worked with numerous agencies, SAS understands not only the network concerns but also remains aware of the fact that agencies re-compete cellular contracts. SAS factors that into consideration for our LTE design, which allows you the flexibility to easily integrate our solution with any major cell provider

  • SAS and its Technology Partners have established relationships with these TAA/NDAA-compliant providers to ensure that our solution effectively assimilates with your network, while simultaneously keeping your communications secure through authentication to your private internal agency network

  • In support of SAS’ LTE solution design, our philosophy is to utilize our communications engineering expertise with technology partnerships from some of the foremost subject matter experts in the LTE industry

  • Utilizing the latest technological advances, our LTE solutions can transverse challenging terrain and geographical landscapes thereby providing all devices with full and secure connectivity


  • SAS is well-known and respected for its expertise in secure technology applications for the Government and Department of Defense applications

  • Our years of experience have allowed us to effectively help agencies with global presence, military test and training facilities, intelligence agencies, mission-critical defense organizations, global diplomatic agencies, land and space, and the highest agencies of government that need to communicate internally/externally and affect global financial markets.

  • We are well-versed in standing up networks and unifying communications across your agency regardless of location, bandwidth, or geographic restrictions

  • Our Federal Team will design a solution for whatever requirements you need to solve.

  • As an added bonus, we have worked with and thoroughly understand government security protocols and measures needed to provide government agencies with secure solutions that integrate with their network and subsequently meet security certifications. We have a secure lab at our facilities where we can test and harden devices to ensure you meet your IA requirements. We also work with technologies that have passed security certifications such as ITCCB, RMF, and other important security requirements.

  • SAS believes that experience matters.

  • When you engage with us you will feel confident that will not only be able to understand what you are trying to accomplish, but we will ensure that we extend all resources to produce results.

  • Tested, proven, honesty, trust. Those are just some of the qualities you will experience when working with Superior Access Solutions.



  • Being able to conduct business easily and efficiently is of the utmost importance for most organizations

  • Superior Access Solutions brings efficiencies to your organization, making it easy to conduct business with us

  • We listen and work with our customers to come up with specific solutions for every need​​


Meet Some of Our Customers

Meet Some of Our Customers

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