Superior Access Solutions is your complete networking and transmission solutions for the broadcast markets and media industries.

Delivering the Superior Solution

The Superior Solution is designed to go above and beyond in usability and quality. It provides a more eficent option to the problems you face on an every day basis. From product intagration and reselling tested solutions we are the Superior Choice.

Who we are

Superior Access Solutions, Inc. is a US-owned small business, focused on assisting our clients in the deployment of enhanced network infrastructures. SAS offers three services to the user community:

Turn-key System Design

Superior Access Solutions, Inc. has designed and deployed enterprise systems for customers in the federal and broadcast space to enable the successful transport of digital video and specialiazed application interfaces over broadband networks.


Superior Access Solutions, Inc. is a reseller of wireline and wireless network equipment and specialized end-equipment that supports infrastructure, end application, and management functions in a digital infrastructure.

SAS Technology

Superior Access Solutions, Inc. has developed a suite of products that address challenges in the transport and management of realtime digital streams via IP packet-based infrastructures.